Zeppelin Live, California's Regional, National & International touring LED ZEPPELIN tribute band (established in 1999)
performs the music of Led Zeppelin for concert, club, festival and corporate audiences around the world.

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838 Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
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Booking Zeppelin Live

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838

Zeppelin Live is available for your event, from local/regional parties, clubs and festivals to USA/North America and International concert, theater and festival touring, as well as corporate and private party events worldwide. Below is a brief outline of the group's location, performance/travel requirements, and pricing guidelines.

The group consists of four band members located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, California. For performances outside of the state of California, the group travels by air, and only requires four round-trip airline tickets, four hotel rooms, back-line equipment, and ground transportation. No road crew or entourage travels with the group when performing outside of California (engineer/crew is to be provided by the live sound company and/or venue). Download our stageplot here; for detailed hospitality and back-line equipment requirements, please request copies of the "Hospitality Rider" and the "Back-Line Equipment Rider".

In order to minimize the out of state airline costs to our clients, the group has the option of departing from five different international airports - San Francisco, San Jose, or Oakland for three members, and LAX or Burbank for one member. Southwest included free baggage fees enable the band to bring their necessary instruments and costumes at no additional cost; use of other airlines may requie additional baggage fees to be paid by the promoter/client.

Overall pricing for the group is dependent upon several factors:

  • Amount of travel and time involved
  • Cost of airline tickets (if charged to Zeppelin Live)
  • General Expenses (charges for instrument/equipement baggage fees (if applicable), agent commissions, ground transportation costs (if applicable), etc.)
  • Number of shows or length of set(s) to be performed
For more details or questions regarding any of the above, please contact:
Jefrey James 408-483-5838 (USA), email: booking@zeplive.com


Below are frequently requested images and files used for online and print promotion, as well as the Stageplot. You can also right click and save any of the Photos on the site, or embed any of the Videos on your website. Feel free to contact the band for any other materials.

Zeppelin Live Description/Bios (in text form)

MP3 audio: ZepLive Demo (soundtrack from 2017 video) | KASHMIR performed by ZepLive

ZepLive 2017 COMPOSITE BAND PHOTO (300DPI Print resolution) | (72DPI screen resolution)

ZepLive 2017 COMPOSITE BAND PHOTO w/logo (300DPI Print resolution) | (72DPI screen resolution)

ZepLive 2017 COMPOSITE BAND w/logo (1920x1080 video screen resolution) | (same without logo)

ZepLive 2017 Poster (11x17, 300DPI Print resolution), PDF file for printing and displaying at venue, etc.

ZepLive 2016 LOGO (300DPI Print resolution) | ZepLive 2016 LOGO (72DPI screen resolution)

ZepLive Band Photo (72DPI screen resolution, but also suitable for smaller print applications)

ZepLive 2016 Photo & Logo layout (suitable for posts and web banners)

ZepLive 2016 Live Band Photo w/logo & web address 1080p (suitable for print, online and HDTV displays)

ZepLive 2016 Live Band Photo w/logo 1080p (suitable for print, online and HDTV displays)

ZepLive 2016 Live Band Photo 1080p (suitable for print, online and HDTV displays)

ZepLive 2016 Logo 1080p (suitable for print, online and HDTV displays)

ZepLive 2016 Logo without web address 1080p (suitable for print, online and HDTV displays)

ZepLive 2018 Stage only (non-fly gigs)

ZepLive 2017 Stageplot/Rider

ZepLive Intro LOOP (for playback before performances and during intermission)


Zeppelin Live performs all of Led Zeppelin's major and minor hits, and even some of their complete classic albums, all in the original, recorded arrangements (no extended live versions or extended guitar solos beyond the studio recordings). The band has even arranged a few medleys of Led Zeppelin's classic album cuts. Their songlist includes:
    Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
    Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
  • Stairway to Heave
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • Ramble On
  • Dazed and Confused
  • The Ocean
  • Kashmir
  • Rock 'n Roll
  • Wanton Song
  • No Quarter
  • How Many More Times
  • Misty Mountain Hop
  • Dancing Days
  • The Crunge
  • The Rainsong
  • Over the Hills
  • Thank You
  • Livin' Lovin' Maid
  • All Of My Love
  • Houses of the Holy
  • Ten Years Gone
  • D'yer Mak'er
  • Battle of Evermore
  • Moby Dick
  • Song Remains the Same
  • Heartbreaker
  • Black Dog
  • Immigrant Song
  • What Is / Never Be
  • The Rover
  • Communication Breakdown
  • Going To California
  • Fool in the Rain
  • Thats the Way
  • In the Light
  • Sick Again
  • Night Flight
  • Custard Pie

Zeppelin Live 408-483-5838
Booking: booking@zeplive.com, 408-483-5838
Website and photo submissions: web@zeplive.com

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